Frequently asked questions
Everything you want to know! Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about our intelligent electric rope balancers.

Electrical and software

What kind of signal is used for the Inputs and Outputs?


What connections from a PC to the iASCENT are possible?

USB and Wireless

What ist the fastest speed?

Depending on device up to 650 mm/s

How are the programing menus arranged?

There are three different menu levels with individual passwords

Is it possible to set the “Load Zero” without entering the settings menu?

The “Load Zero can be set by either an external button or signal

What is the supply for out- and input?

DC 24 V

Components and hardware

Is the iASCENT compatible with an eepos lifting axis?

Yes, it’s possible with a special software update

Is the device allowed for the food industry?


What kind of motor does the iASCENT have?

Brushless servomotor

What temperature range can the iASCENT operate in?

32°F - 104°F

What size ropes and lengths are available on the iASCENT?

The rope diameter is 5mm and maximum lifting path is 3.5m (11.5ft)

Which rail systems is the iASCENT compatible with?

The iASCENT comes standard with an eepos trolley mount but any rail system can be adapted

Can the articulating arm system be used in an underhung configuration?

Yes, it is possible

What Diameter is the air line connection?



How long is the warranty?

The warranty is 2 years

Which languages are possible?

There are 5 standards: GER, ENG, ES, IT, CN. But each other language is possible to install.
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